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As the daughter to a fine art photographer, I grew up surrounded by; cameras, lenses, studios and darkrooms, so it seems as if my fate was inevitable


In my later teens I started to acquire a taste for photography and later I embraced the creative with open arms.


To me photography is all about capturing the beauty of a moment and making it last forever, a single moment in time that can never be repeated. A landscape captured for its simplicity on one day and it’s drama as the sun sets on another or a portrait shot under different lighting, altering the mood of a photograph, are both appealing to me.

It is about that special moment frozen in time that I love the most.


Along with my father I have experienced the deserts of Namibia, been taken to old rusty scrap yards in the middle of nowhere and introduced to the splendour of the landscapes around Southern Africa.


At a young age I experienced the freedom of the outdoors and have been exposed to many different styles of photography. This has allowed me to broaden my vision and given me the chance to experiment and enjoy being behind the lens no matter what the subject. Instinctively I know that this is the start to something new and valuable in my life.



“We were totally satisfied with the photographs and how Sam captured them. Behind every photograph is a story of us. Our kids loved the photography session and had alot of fun!"

- Silke Karschti

"From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for your time, effort and skill that you put into making our photos so beautiful. You have captured this miracle from God of ours so perfectly, and we have these as memories that we can cherish. Our entire experience with you has been nothing short of superb and I will be singing your praises for years to come. You have an amazing gift Samantha, and I do not doubt that you will bring many more people such happiness, as you have brought us!"


- Stephanie & Jonathan 



14 Luisa Way

Hout Bay

Cape Town

South Africa

Samantha Lee Osner 

Mobile : 0845691830

Email: flarephotostudio@gmail.com



Samantha Lee Osner    |    Mobile : 0845691830    |    Email : flarephotostudio@gmail.com